Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Out of the blue

The best survey of Anne Carson's 'Autobiography of red' I've ever read was written some thirty years afore the said Novel in Verse by the third-grader Chip Wareing:

I think red is as red as when the day is going away
I think red is when someone has died and gone forever
I think red is like a volcano blowing itself apart
and leading its way to a deserted village
I think red is a sad way of saying death has arrived to do its evil deed
I think red is like a devil in its underground cave
seeing evil things to do and destroy.

(From 'Wishes, lies, and dreams' by Kenneth Koch, 1970)

I wonder, is there 'Autopsy of blue' written anywhere that will suit the Andrew Norden's description:

I like blue like a Pan
Am sign. It looks like a blue
Rainbow. Also looks like a blue
Sky and a blue sea and a blue
Coat and a blue tie and a blue
Jacket. And a blue jet.
And it looks like the New York
Jets uniform. It looks like
A flannel board and a blue rose
And a blue city full of blue
Houses and blue blackboards
And blue dirt and blue people.

(From the same anthology)

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